$30 Data Plan

This plan is only available to existing customers if it was their last recharge.

  • 26GB of data + data rollover1
  • Data only, best for tablets and dongles
  • 30 days expiry

You can read the full plan details for the $30 Data Plan here.

Discontinued plan

Our $30 Data Plan was removed from general sale on 17 December 2019. If you purchased this plan as your last recharge, it is available for recharge. If you recharge with another plan, you will no longer be eligible to purchase the $30 Data Plan.

Data OnlyData

Data and nothing but data

The ALDImobile $30 Data Plan has 26GB of data to use over 30 days. It's ideal to use in a tablet, dongle, or laptop that takes a SIM card. No calls or SMS are included with this plan.

Remember, if you recharge off this plan, you won't be able to purchase it in the future.

Data Rollover - all is not lost.

Recharge with the same Plan or a Data Plan with higher data allowance within 24 hours of your $15 Data Plan expiring and your unused data will rollover up to a maximum of 30GB. Your plan data will be used before your rollover data so you should never get caught data short. Conditions apply, check here.

Set and forget with Auto Recharge

Enable auto-recharge from your online account and we’ll take care of everything. We’ll even send you an SMS and email to let you know we’ve recharged for you.

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Important information

Excludes all use overseas. For personal use only, acceptable use policy applies, visit our legals page for more details. Data Plans can be added to a Pay As You Go plan. If you have an existing Mobile Plan, Family Plan or Super Pack and select a Data Plan, you will forfeit any remaining credits and or data on the previous Plan. You should refer to our Critical Information Summaries to determine if this is the right plan for you.

Data rollover to maximum of 30GB applies only if current Data Plan is eligible for rollover and an eligible Data Plan with an equal or higher data allowance is added within 24 hours of previous plan expiry. Rollover data limits apply, refer to our Critical Information Summaries.