Ready to build your own Family Plan?

Read each of the options below and choose the right one for you.

Option 1: You’re new to ALDImobile

Buy a SIM card online or instore for each service you want to include in the Family then when you have them, click below

Activate a Family Plan

Option 2: You’re an ALDImobile customer with services on the same account

If you have multiple services on your account already and want to join them in a Family Plan:

Any existing plan you have on the other services will be cancelled so best wait until the plan expires.

To add a new service to your Family Plan, login to your account, activate the SIM and move the service into the plan. Easy.

Option 3: You’re an ALDImobile customer and want to add new services for a Family Plan.

If you already have an ALDImobile service and you want to add a new one and then build a Family Plan:

  • Purchase SIM cards for each new service
  • Login to your account and activate the SIMs
  • Recharge the chosen Owner service with a Family Plan
  • Move the new services into the plan via your Family Plan dashboard.

Option 4: You’re an ALDImobile customer and want to invite other ALDImobile customers to join your Family.

  • Recharge with a Family Plan
  • Access the Family Plan dashboard from your online account
  • Invite other ALDImobile customers to join your plan
  • The invitee can accept or decline the invitation from their online account
  • If they accept, we’ll transfer the service into your name and move it into your Family.

Option 5: You want to transfer services from another Telco and start a Family Plan

If all the services are in your name, purchase a SIM for each one, log in and activate online and choose “transfer my number”. Once the services are active, follow step 2 above.

If some of the services are in another person’s name, they’ll need to activate a SIM and transfer their service to ALDImobile. You can then invite them to join your Family Plan as in step 4.

Important note: You cannot transfer a mobile from another Telco which is in someone else's name, into your name at ALDImobile.